Sabar African Dance Class

  • Saturday, October 15, 2011
  • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • WorldBeat Center


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Sabar African Dance
taught by Lamine Thiam
Sabar is a traditional West African dance from Senegal, West Africa, that is performed to the beats of the Sabar drum. S. It is a dance of expression that uses every part of the body, from the arms and legs to the eyes. Sabar consists of combinations that are less weighted to the ground than other styles, and incorporates lots of hip twisting, jumping, arm swinging and high knee lifting.

Sabar-style dancing is often performed at celebrations, such as weddings and baby-naming ceremonies. Always accompanied by the beat of Sabar drums, Sabar dancing is highly energetic, making it a great from of exercise

Master dance and drumming teacher Lamine Thiam teaches the african_dance_lamine_thiam.jpgtraditional dances of his people, the Wolof tribe of Senegal in West Africa.He grew up in Dakar, where he studied traditional dance and percussion at the Conservatoire National du Sénégal and performed with the Songomar African Dance Company and Ballet Jo-kolly .
He has performed in New York City at Avery Fisher Hall, Carnigie Hall, Lincoln Center and Symphony Space. He directed and choreographed his own traditional African folkloric dance company, Bousso, which has performed worldwide. He was also featured in the film "Amistad" .He has taught classes in dance and percussion at the Festival Afrocaribeño de Veracruz,and throughout Mexico.

The dances and rhythms he teaches and performs,are high-energy, polyrhythmic dances, with whole body articulation—and a great workout. “African dance is the best medicine,” Lamine says. “It heals you and makes you healthy.”
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